Did You Know?

• Certain letters of the alphabet can tell a lot about your personality
• When you change your handwriting, you change your thought patterns, which causes you to take different actions that can change your life
• When we fall in love, survive a serious illness or change careers, our view of life is dramatically altered and as a result, our handwriting patterns change
• Changing your handwriting can help you get rid of bad habits and limiting beliefs holding you back from your greatest potential

Here's How It Works

When You Change Your Handwriting...

• It shapes your thoughts
• Your thoughts shape your attitude
• Your attitude shapes your words
• Your words shape your actions
• Your actions shape your habits
• Your habits form your character
• Your character determines your destiny

What Past Clients Are Saying About This Course

It takes months to shift the neurological patterns in your brain and replace them with new thought patterns. All of the great leaders who have walked this planet have left behind maps that reveal their most successful thought patterns and traits through their writing.
Sometimes our gifts and talents get suppressed when we are young and told we can’t or shouldn’t do something. That is when a mental block is created. A block can be psychological resistance that prevents someone from performing a particular skill or action.

Look At This Example...

A third-grader is asked to draw a pine tree and she draws an elm tree instead. The teacher tells her that she drew the wrong tree which makes her think she can’t draw. But, in actuality, she’s destined to be a world-famous artist! Thirty years go by, and this block from the third grade still shows up in her handwriting. Because I am able to see this block in his handwriting, I can then work with and support her in removing that block by having her begin to write differently. Soon after, she discovers that she’s found new inspiration in drawing, and doors start to open up for her. Changing her handwriting allowed her to fulfill her mission in the world which is to be a great artist. But, if she doesn’t get that block removed, it will be extremely hard for her to fulfill her soul’s purpose, and the world would be missing out on this amazing artist. 

What talent did you have as a child that you loved to do more than anything?

Why is Handwriting Important?

• Handwriting is a diagram of our subconscious mind
• Our writing patterns can show us how we feel about ourselves
• It's linked to our self-confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance
• It shows us what we are afraid of, as well as our unique abilities
• It's a pathway to our natural talents that we're meant to bring into the world

Would you like to experience how your handwriting can actually change your life for the better?

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Meet Your Instructor and Academy Founder

Misty Cogdill

Misty Cogdill has been studying handwriting analysis since 2011 as a certified graphologist and works with business owners, network marketers, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, service professionals,and anyone who wants to increase their business and reach their goals using handwriting analysis and the power of questions. Unlike other coaches, Misty is able to develop specific coaching to help you reach your goals by analyzing personality traits and blocks in your handwriting. As a student of the "Power of Questions," Misty understands that life is a reflection of the questions we ask ourselves and will help you uncover the best questions to serve you. Misty is certified as a Bob Proctor facilitator and has worked with one of Bob Proctor's top coaches in the country. She has also worked directly with world leader and author, Noah St. John.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower people to clear generational patterns so they can move into their authentic self and live a life by their own design. We want others to learn handwriting patterns that mirror their best traits possible, bringing them to their soul’s true potential and awakening them to their true purpose in life.

I am excited to share this course with you!

I have been fascinated about how our handwriting is graphic representation of our thought patters and when we change our writing patterns, we can change our lives.
I discovered this after having a different last name for 8 years and going back to my maiden name.

Our handwriting patterns are actually connected to our personality traits.

I have been studying this now, for over 9 years and was able to change self-defeating aspects of my handwriting to begin attracting more positive experiences in life.

Our handwriting reflects our self-image in life and our self-image reflects our behavior.

I have been coached by handwriting experts as well as done my own research and wanted to passionately share it with the world. 

This course will support you to uncover your long hidden talents, using handwriting.

I also include weekly group zoom calls, to support you in answers the many questions that will come up with changing your handwriting.

I look forward to seeing you in the course!

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